NEXT UP! Worlds’ End, The Sexy & Accurate Prophecies: A Neil Gaiman Burlesque Tribute!

Holy Gods, am I excited for this one! I was honored to have joined the cast of this amazing Seattle presentation back in 2014, when I appeared as the goddess Media in her guise as Lucille Ball/Lucy Ricardo from American Gods (not nearly one-seventeenth as memorable as Gillian Anderson later was in the role in the television adaptation – but then again, who could be?). I’m thrilled to be heading back to the Re-bar stage with a new act, this one based on a character from Gaiman’s novel Neverwhere (which has been adapted for British television and radio; my act draws generously from both of these).  I don’t want to give away too much, but let me just put it this way – this being is heavenly. Get your tickets now before they’re all gone! The thought of seeing you there makes my heart beat so that I can hardly speak…


As Media in 2014!

Worlds’ End Burlesque Revue 2014!

Better late than never! Here’s the video of my performance at last year’s Worlds’ End Burlesque Revue at the Re-bar in Seattle. This is an amazing show presented by Purple Devil Productions, now in its third year. Its focus is the works of writer Neil Gaiman. I performed as Media/I Love Lucy from Gaiman’s American Gods (which is finally being made into a series!). “Hey – you ever wanted to see Lucy’s tits?” The music is “TV is the Thing This Year” by Dinah Washington.

I Love Lucy – Worlds’ End Burlesque Revue 2014 from Loxie Arcane on Vimeo.

Many thanks to Otto Frame Videography! I am completely bummed that I will be unable to perform in this year’s edition of the show. But that shouldn’t stop you! Get your tickets today!