BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! Aug. 17th was MSTease3K: Electric Boogaloo!

I have been bereft in my duties, and for that I beg your forgiveness!! The last few months have seized me with a profound feeling of apathy. I am slowly coming out of it, so I thought I would right a wrong that has me extremely embarrassed. Last August the 17th was the second iteration of Charm & Glamour Productions‘ burlesque tribute to Mystery Science Theater 3000, and I’m thrilled to report we rocked that mother!


The studly Mr. Arcane and I opened the show as Pearl Forrester and Brain Guy, celebrating that time when loving lovers love, and then suddenly devolving into something about cherry pie, I dunno. (photos by the amazing Casey Campbell Photography!)

Suffice to say it was an amazing evening with some of the best nerdlesque acts I have ever seen! I apologize once again for flaking on you. Sometimes you just have to take a look around yourself and realize you’re in a pretty damn good place.

TONIGHT! Boobie Sign! A Burlesque Tribute to MST3K!

Folks, I feel that my entire burlesque career has been leading up to this moment. Yes, it’s a burlesque salute to my most favorite show of all time, Mystery Science Theater 3000! The first production by that indefatigable Blue Collar Showgirl, Mona DePlume, this is promising to be the show of the year. Not to mention the fact that we are honored to have join us Jackey Neyman Jones, Debbie from Manos: The Hands of Fate, signing her new memoir, Growing Up with Manos: The Hands of Fate!! I apologize for the late posting about this, but I have been so busy creating my costume and props that I’ve had time for little else. I don’t want to blab about my act too much. Suffice to say that it tells the tawdry tale of a befeathered showgirl and her horrifying – but startlingly erotic – encounter with what is left of the victim of a tragic auto accident. Join us, won’t we? Keep circulating the event!