The Second Annual Oregon Burlesque Festival

I am beyond thrilled and honored to announce that I will be performing at the Friday night showcase of the Oregon Burlesque Festival! If you haven’t been, I strongly encourage you to come on out and take in the fabulousness. This is our second festival, and if it turns out to be only half as grand as our debut last year, your mind will be thoroughly blown. Our headliner this year is the absolutely astounding Kitten de Ville, “The Embodiment of Burlesque”! So if you get a chance, please join us – you’ll be glad you did!
Oregon Burlesque Festival 2015

Oregon Burlesque Festival, Portland OR, July 30 – August 2 2015

Kitten DeVille

Kitten de Ville, “The Embodiment of Burlesque”

Loxie’s Highlights of BurlyCon 2014

  1. Performing in the first night of Peer Reviews and getting some great feedback and compliments from folks I deeply admire and respect.
  2. Getting waltzed around the hallway by Bic Carroll after the second Peer Review. Then when I thought he was reading my Rose City School of Burlesque t-shirt, he said “Oh, I was actually reading your tits.” 😀
  3. Princess Farhana outing me as the creator of the Radio Bastet podcast during her class exploring the relationship between belly dance and burlesque. Later on she took my hand and guided me through some steps (it’s been a helluva long time since I did belly dance).
  4. Having Bettie Blackheart for a roommate. ❤
  5. Enjoying some late-night red wine and snacks with Bettie, Kitten deVille and Bettina May. Like you do.
  6. Getting a big hug from Briq House when she told me I saved her life with my idea of keeping all your accoutrements for an act in one of those giant Zip-Loc bags.
  7. Getting another big hug from Donna Denise, who appreciated all my words of encouragement in the past.
  8. Going green for the Lust in Space ball.
  9. Waxie Moon and Foxy Tann both saying my name out loud in front of huge crowds of people. (bucket list achievement unlocked)

Cannot wait for next year!

Take me to your leader, big boy.