Photo Gallery

Classic goodness! Music: Speakeasy Blues by Nelson Riddle. Photos by Lisa “curvygrl” Smith.

The befeathered showgirl meets Jan in the Pan from my The Brain That Wouldn’t Die act for Boobie Sign! A Burlesque Tribute to MST3K! So much fun! Music: The Web by Abe “Available” Baker and TV Set by The Cramps. Photos by Jason Standefer.

My first public performance after graduation! Music: I Dream of Jeannie Theme and Caravan by the John Buzon Trio. Photos by Lincoln Mark Lease.

One of my most favorite acts! Me as Myrtle Snow and Mr. Arcane (my hubby) as Spalding the butler, from Gods and Monsters: A Burlesque Tribute to American Horror Story. Music: Deep Purple and ‘S Wonderful by Dr. Samuel Hoffman on the theremin! Photos by Jason Standefer.

I love doing characters! The first incarnation of Sam the Eagle (top left) and the second, for Muppets Burlesque in Portland and Seattle. Music: Bounce Your Boobies by Rusty Warren! I’m not sure who took the first photo, but the others are by Meneldor Photography.

My signature act, Red Hot Flo! Music: Red Hot Flo From Kokomo by Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys, and That Fascinating Thing by the Squirrel Nut Zippers. Photos by Lisa “curvygrl” Smith at the Oregon Burlesque Festival, 2015.

More characters! Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter cannot abide a liar. Music: It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie by Brent Spiner and The Sunspots, and Liar by the Sex Pistols. Photos by Chuck Saxe.

Tributing Poison Ivy from The Cramps on the Smell Of Female album cover! Music: You Got Good Taste by The Cramps. Ack, I cannot remember the photographer!!

The Killer Go-Go Girl is after you! Music: Opening narration from Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and The Hellraisers by Syd Dale. Photos by Jason Standefer. Pasties by Satan’s Angel!!

Another signature act – the gold-digging cutie! Music: Appreciation by Ann-Margret from Viva Las Vegas. Photos by Chuck Saxe.