NEXT UP! Worlds’ End, The Sexy & Accurate Prophecies: A Neil Gaiman Burlesque Tribute!

Holy Gods, am I excited for this one! I was honored to have joined the cast of this amazing Seattle presentation back in 2014, when I appeared as the goddess Media in her guise as Lucille Ball/Lucy Ricardo from American Gods (not nearly one-seventeenth as memorable as Gillian Anderson later was in the role in the television adaptation – but then again, who could be?). I’m thrilled to be heading back to the Re-bar stage with a new act, this one based on a character from Gaiman’s novel Neverwhere (which has been adapted for British television and radio; my act draws generously from both of these).  I don’t want to give away too much, but let me just put it this way – this being is heavenly. Get your tickets now before they’re all gone! The thought of seeing you there makes my heart beat so that I can hardly speak…


As Media in 2014!

NEXT UP! Miss Minsky Presents BURLESQUE!

Loxie’s gettin’ out of town!! That’s right, I’m once again venturing outside the confines of Portlandia and heading down to Eugene for my debut in this fantabulous burlesque showcase, now in its third year! I can’t wait to share the stage with Bettie Mae Minsky (our esteemed producer!), Kat Wondergloom, and so many more! I will be hauling an old favorite routine out of the mothballs, so don’t you dare miss it! See you there!! 


TONIGHT! Gods & Monsters 4: A Burlesque Tribute to American Horror Story!

Yes folks, it’s back! The fourth edition of Gods & Monsters is upon us. Our astounding cast will shimmy their way to dark and unfathomable places whilst tickling your funny bone. And I will once again be taking the stage as the Angel of Death, as seen on season two of AHS, Asylum:

Loxie Arcane will kiss you deadly as Shachath- (also known as the Angel of Death) is a benevolent entity that appears to administer her kiss of death to individuals who are dying or wish for death.

You know you don’t want to miss that! I can’t wait to see you tonight at Crush Bar!


TONIGHT! Framed & Dried: A Tori Amos Tribute Night!

I am thrilled to be joining the second Framed and Dried: A Tori Amos Tribute Night tonight at Crush Bar in Portland! Our MC is the fabulous Anna T. Rexia of Seattle, with local DJ Aurora and San Diego based DJ, Mateo Segade! The night will feature drag, burlesque, live singing, audio tarot, and pianist Matt Insley closing out the show. Framed & Dried is a benefit for The Living Room, a queer youth safe space in Clackamas County. A raffle featuring different Tori items and local art will occur at the end of the show. I’ll be performing to my first Tori tune tonight and I couldn’t be more excited! See you there!!


TONIGHT! Holy Cow! A Religious Themed Variety Show for Planned Parenthood!

Whoa it’s been a while, no? My apologies! I actually had a couple shows this year previous to this, but my lazy ass could not be bothered to update. I will try not to let that happen again! No excuse!

But if you are in the vicinity of Crush Bar in Portland tonight, you are in for the treat of your life! An incredible show,  dripping in deities, soaked in sin, full with faith, all for a great cause! And if you want to see absolutely the most absurd, ridiculous, and silliest act I’ve ever done, get your hinders over there! It’s your come-to-Jesus moment! Your luckiest Friday the 13th ever! And remember – he boiled for your sins……



NEXT UP! Rock Candy Burlesque Presents: Tassel Tuesday!

Am I ever excited to be making my Olympia, WA debut this month! Rock Candy Burlesque can always be counted on to bring the fabulous, and I’m lucky enough to get to join them for their monthly showcase, Tassel Tuesday! This is gonna be super-fun! See you at Rhythm and Rye at 8:30pm on the 14th!! Only $10, tickets at the door!!


NEXT UP! The return of Gods & Monsters: A Burlesque Tribute to American Horror Story!

Must be the Teasin’ of the Witch!! Miss Scarlett Thrustmore‘s Gods & Monsters is back in its third iteration, and it’s going to be utterly majestic! Mr. Arcane and I are thrilled to be bringing Myrtle Snow and Spalding back to the G&M stage. And lay your eyes on the rest of this supreme cast:

Prince Peanut-Butter as James March (Hotel)
Arabella de Lioncourt as Fiona Goode (Coven)
Glitterati LaReaux as The Countess (Hotel)
Ivana Mandalay/TL Ford as Lana Winters (Asylum)
Jasmine Rain as Sister Mary Eunice (Asylum)
Valerie DeVille as Madison Montgomery (Coven)

With our MC for the evening, The Mad Marquis as The Axeman (Coven)

Come let us cast our spell on you! Get your tickets here before they vanish in a puff of smoke! Balenciaaaaaagaaaaaa!!