Through Being Cool: A DEVO BASH for Foundation First Inc!

Next up! One week from tonight, I will be returning to the stage in all my cancer-destroying glory for Through Being Cool: A DEVO BASH for Foundation First Inc! Brought to you once again by the fabulous Miss Aurora, it’s another benefit show for Foundation First Inc., a stellar organization that builds schools and provides education in underdeveloped countries. It features amazing performances to the music of the one and only DEVO, a Beautiful Mutants costume contest, raffle prizes galore, and so much more! And it will only set you back $5! What? Click on the link above for more info. And, just in case you need further convincing – this event has been endorsed by DEVO themselves! (itself?) Take some Time Out For Fun, won’t you? See you there!

Through Being Cool

Worlds’ End Burlesque Revue 2014!

Better late than never! Here’s the video of my performance at last year’s Worlds’ End Burlesque Revue at the Re-bar in Seattle. This is an amazing show presented by Purple Devil Productions, now in its third year. Its focus is the works of writer Neil Gaiman. I performed as Media/I Love Lucy from Gaiman’s American Gods (which is finally being made into a series!). “Hey – you ever wanted to see Lucy’s tits?” The music is “TV is the Thing This Year” by Dinah Washington.

I Love Lucy – Worlds’ End Burlesque Revue 2014 from Loxie Arcane on Vimeo.

Many thanks to Otto Frame Videography! I am completely bummed that I will be unable to perform in this year’s edition of the show. But that shouldn’t stop you! Get your tickets today!

Video of the Week: “Song for Lilly Christine” by Big Rude Jake

Thought you might enjoy this post from my other blog!

The Timothy Carey Experience

As I head off this morning for my second BurlyCon experience, I leave you with this video that I’ve shared before (but I have a feeling you won’t mind too much).Timothy arrived in LaFitte, Louisiana in the fall of 1956 to begin filming Bayou. He had an unusual assignment from the film’s producers – he had to learn to “dance real wild.” In New Orleans he asked a cab driver to help him out. The cabbie took him straight to Leon Prima’s 500 Club in the French Quarter. A stunning, statuesque burlesque dancer by the name of Lilly Christine, billed as “The Cat Girl,” was performing there. Tim returned to the club every night for a week to watch her dance. I’m sure he needed little persuasion to conduct this kind of research. After all, it was for the good of the film, right?

This is a…

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Hey! Bellboy!

This is the tune I used for my very first routine! It happened during our Rose City School of Burlesque graduation recital last year. It was the very first time I had ever performed burlesque, much less taken off my clothes, in public. (There’s a video, but please don’t ask to see it!)

For me, music is the very core of my performances. Ninety-nine-point-nine percent of the time, the music is what inspires the routine. Gloria Wood has been very good to me throughout my short career! I also used her tune “Oh Honey!” in my Shoe Lust routine. Anyway, enjoy this little ditty and seek out more Gloria Wood if you’re not familiar with her. She is, as the kids say, The Bomb Dot Com.